Caye Caulker's Original Animal Sanctuary

Furr-e-dom Run

This is a program that focuses on breaking the chain off dogs. Most people on this island cannot afford to have a fence around their properties. This program is geared to helping these people help their dogs.

We provide fencing wire and any needed material to build a little run with a shaded area so dogs can have the freedom to run around, and the owners can have peace of mind knowing that their dogs will not be running loose on the streets causing havoc or worst being hurt or poisoned.

Please donate to this worthy cause and help us give a dog a life off the chains. Without this program dogs roam the streets of the island where they are poisoned or either remain on chains all their lives until sometimes the ropes get inbedded in their flesh. Some sit in the sun or rain all day without being able to move without anyone noticing they have spilled their water or that the sun has reach the area where they were tied up.

This is not life and you can help us assist these animals.

Read more about Blacky’s rescue story on Facebook.


1 Pasero Street
Caye Caulker, Belize
Phone: +501-624-7076