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One Lucky Doggie

A few weeks ago Sarah from the U.K. who was living on the island for a few weeks while she completed her dive master certification came to PAW Sanctuary at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Of course I was fast asleep, but the barking of my dogs woke me up, and I heard someone shouting my name. I ran outside to see what was going on and Sarah was accompanied by this dog who had blood all over his face.

Sarah told me she was going home after hanging out with some friends and saw this dog going around in circles and their was blood gushing out from its head, so she could not leave the animal there and did not know what to do. She then remembered meeting me through another volunteer from the UK that was here a few weeks before helping out and she decided to bring the dog here.

I cleaned up the largest wound on the dog’s head, stop the bleeding, put some antibiotics on the wound, and gave him meds for pain and infection. We then placed him in a large cage with food and water until in the morning

At first we thought he was hit with something because we could not see his wound that well at night, but in the morning when i checked him over i noticed that he was attacked by another dog and after an investigation found out it was a pittbull. Many men have pitbulls on this island and they teach them to go after smaller or sick defenseless dogs such as this one.

This poor dog had tons of punctured wounds all over his body, plus i discovered he had a huge lump under his neck. In addition i felt so bad for him but he had tons of fleas and they were eating him alive so i decided to bathe him to kill the fleas and at the same time scrape off all the dry blood he had all over his body. So the little guy seemed quite happy and content with this bath.

Since PAW is a cat rescue and we don’t have the space for dogs I could not keep him, so i asked Sarah to go speak to the person who I believe was the owner and found out that the dog was homeless but the owner of this bar allows him to hangout there and they feed him but did not want to have the responsibility to nurse him. So I ask Sarah to talk to another woman who helps dogs and the woman said they would come to pick up the dog and kept him for two days until he was a little better but they would then released him.

Nevertheless, I am so happy that I was able to save this dogs life, he was a very nice calm dog and wish i could have done more for him, but as always with limited funds there is just so much that we could do here at PAW.

I want to thank Sarah for her compassion and kindness in helping this dog in need. People like her makes this planet a better place!

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