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If it wasn’t for the intervention of P.A.W, many more cats would end up with the same fate as countless others on this island. Many of these animals have a short life span due to starvation, human cruelty, dog attacks or lack of medical intervention. Strychnine poison bait traps are sanctioned by the government and are common throughout the island. Cruelty is an unfortunate reality in Belize. Sadly, it is readily tolerated.

We would really like to see this change and find homes for as many cats as possible. We are hopeful that this will change as tourists and visitors find this island and call it home or begin to express an interest in helping us better the situation. Until this begins to happen, the sanctuary cats will remain at P.A.W. to live out their normal lives and we will continue to make a difference everyday in the lives the unwanted cats of this island – helping one animal at a time.

As well as the cat sanctuary, we also have a number of programs to help educate the community, control the animal population and promote awareness.

Humane Education

Our Humane Education program uses art as a vehicle to bring about positive change for people and animals alike by teaching them pet responsibility, humane treatment of all living beings and the importance of sterilizing their animals.

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Control Animal Population

C.A.A.T.S. is a nonprofit organization founded by Madi Collins of Caye Caulker, Belize to specifically travel throughout Belize, Mexico and where ever needed to control animal population through the humane practice of sterilization.

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Furr-e-dom-Run focuses on breaking the chain off dogs. Most people on this island cannot afford to have a fence around their properties. This program is geared to helping these people help their dogs.

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T.N.R. – Trap, Neuter, Return

With our T.N.R. program we go out into the field on Caye Caulker and throughout Belize, Mexico and wherever needed to set humane traps to trap feral/stray cats.

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