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Santa Paws – From the North Pole to Caye Caulker

This Christmas was a very sad one for my family and I since my beloved oldest sister passed suddenly about a month ago.  The last thing i wanted to do was celebrate, but suddenly a few days before Christmas I had a thought to remember my sister who loved children very much by giving a Christmas party for the children of Caye Caulker Island in her memory.  So I immediately called a friend from Mexico who happened to be coming to Caye Caulker, to bring me a few piniatas and lots of candy. Then I went to a couple of our usual supporters to help me out with donations and at least two helped  which was wonderful. I also asked a friend who was visiting us from Canada to dress up like Santa Paws and he accepted. The kids had a blast and the adults as well as our Santa Paws went on a golf cart all over the island Ho Ho Howing the kids to the party’s location. Refreshments were served to the kids who had a wonderful time hitting the piniatas, playing games and before they went home we sent them happily with a little Christmas bag of goodies filled with snacks, drinks, and toys. We know that my sister was watching the kids having fun and smiling. Celi my beloved sister you will live in our hearts forever. We love you!

Many thanks to Mr. Chan, Ms. Pou and Mr. Salinas for their kind donations and to Ms. Young for helping us at the party and lending us her Santa Costume and boom box.  We really appreciate your kind assistance.

-Madi Collins





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