Caye Caulker's Original Animal Sanctuary

T.N.R. – Trap, Neuter, Return

At P.A.W. controlling animal population is our mission and one of our most important objectives. This is why we created our TNR program where we go out into the field on Caye Caulker and throughout Belize, Mexico and wherever needed to set humane traps to trap feral/stray cats.

Once trapped we bring them to our clinic sterilize, vaccinate and treat them for any injuries or illness. We clip a little part of their ears for identification purposes before the cat is released to the area where he/she was found. By this we mean that if by chance we would re-trap the cat in the future, which is common as the unsterilized pool of cats gets smaller, we would be able to tell that the specific cat was already sterilized this way we don’t waste time and resources.

Sometimes cats that are trapped are pretty tame or tamable cats but we do not have room to give them a home as our little catteries are all saturated. If anyone would be interested in adopting and giving a chance to one of these cats please contact us for more information.

Our TNR program is very costly but VITAL. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause please donate through our PayPal account and let us know to which program you are donating.

You can also assist by donating humane traps, any medical supplies, medications, vet equipment. You can either bring to us if you are coming to Caye Caulker, or sending it with someone who is coming or shipping it. We have a wonderful shipper that works with us and gives us a good deal, email us for more info.

If you are a vet, vet tech or vet student and would like to become a volunteer to assist us in this program please contact us.


1 Pasero Street
Caye Caulker, Belize
Phone: +501-624-7076